For as long as I can think – which probably isn’t as long as I used to be able to think thanks to sleep deprivation and all that – I’d been meaning to phone my doctors and chase the appointment for H’s eye, as I’m convinced her left eye is turning into what could be a lazy eye.

Weeks have passed – we went to our doctor at the end of March and got referred and were told we’d hear something within six weeks. Her eye occasionally looks better but is still there – especially when she’s tired and definitely needs to be checked.

Until tonight. The phone rang, Sutton Hospital – and as luck would have it our appointment is a week today, which is fortunate as we’ve not received any letters from them letting us know – even better, we’re all available.

I don’t know how long it takes to get answers, whether it’s an instant thing, and they say that yes, she must commence some form of treatment, but by this time next week I’m really hoping we know something. If my baby has to wear glasses, then she’s going to have some good ones. If she has to wear an eyepatch then we’re all going to be pirates when she does and all have one.

I know it’s something that can get better, and I think I know the result of next week already, so I’m not sad. I just want answers and I don’t want H to be scared when they test her, as I’ve no idea what they’ll actually do.