Last week I popped into Debenhams on the way home from work, mainly to see if they do child neck pillows (although right now we’ve lost our adult ones, so we’re in need of three, sigh!), where I happened to come across their latest sale.

Bargains galore were to be found, including a pair of One Direction headphones which plug nicely into H’s iPod – Shaun’s very old one.

This was possibly the best purchase EVER.

I recharged her iPod, and added some albums she’d requested (The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Magic Belles) and copied them across.

For the last 48 hours it has been Let It Go on repeat. Forever. And Ever.


She has headphones on. It is bliss. After a solid weekend of her singing along she’s hitting the notes now, gracefully dancing on the floor to the song, almost getting the words right. Add to that ‘Everything is Awesome’ by Tegan & Sara (she can’t do the rap bit though) and it has actually been quite fun hearing my almost-five-year-old sing along to her favourite songs.

It could be so much worse, now she’ll just sit with headphones on, zoned out with a book in her own little world where she can play the songs she loves.

I still have the earworms mind. I can hear Let It Go going on upstairs right now while she’s having bath time. It just never goes, does it? The only thing that will eventually go is my sanity… good job we’ve bought her the movie for her birthday, right?