Today I found out there’s a huge chance H’s first two weeks of school will be half days. This is mainly to get her used to it, and get used to being with her new friends, but still. It gets worse though… one friend has had her initial days in – a week of mornings, then a week of mornings with lunch, then finally a full week of full days.

I can understand why they do it – it’s a big step. BUT. What are us parents meant to do? I work half an hour away (on a good day, it’s more like 45) and will hopefully change my hours to suit school in September. But will work let me work hardly any hours to accommodate this? See, I’m very much of the thought that why should my work have to accommodate this? Why should school offer this? H has been at nursery (and the preschool room) from 7.30 until 5.30 every day since she’s been nine months. She’s used to it – and it won’t be a huge upheaval (unless she’s not in the same class as her friends)…

One mum asked about it and was told there’d be a list of suggested child minders who would cover the schools – which makes me feel a bit like banging my head on a desk – why take her out of her current nursery if they can’t start her in the same way she’s used to?

I know school is different, and I’ve also found out that they start later as they do home visits (oh wow…!) – but this potentially means our last getaway before school starts can happen in term time which is good, as I want to do something, and wanted it to be quiet.

There’s such a lot going on, and we’re on the four-month countdown – H turning four, starting school, me potentially going back to five days a week work (rather than four), there’s such a lot to think about. I envy people who can work from home right now.

Of course, as we’ve not yet had an offer from H’s school I’ve no idea what we’ll be told. Maybe she will just start full-time straight away. I’ll take it all back and breathe a huge sigh of relief if so…