Ah the Summer Holidays from School. Facebook filled full of pictures of families doing stuff together, having fun.

I look on and feel a bit envious. Just a teeny bit. Our time is coming.

I wish we could go to the seaside and have an ice cream melt all over our hands as it’s so warm and sunny. To breathe in the clean air and feel refreshed, revitalised again. Chips on the pier and candyfloss on the beach. Sand and pebbles in buckets, more spades than you realised you owned.

I wish we could go to the park and relax and sit about, catching up with groups of friends while the kids play.

R E C H A R G E.

I wish we had some grass (well, maybe astroturf then we don’t have to mow it) so the paddling pool had a nicer base (I also wish we had a cover for it, it’s got yucky bits in it, but that’s our problem). Or that we could put up a tent and have camping adventures.

I wish I was off work. I wish I could just lie around with H and take some time out to get into the summer break. Do nothing. In our imaginary tent in our imaginary astroturfed back yard with our paddling pool full of sparkling clear warm water we can sit in.

I’m not very good at doing nothing – or at least, if I’m going to do nothing the surroundings could be improved.

When it all comes to it though, it’s just not the beach. But our time will come. Not quite yet.

H is desperate for a rest. She has her first mouth ulcer. I think her little body has just given up for the holidays, she’s no longer fighting, desperate to do well at school, she’s exhausted. As long as she can do each day at holiday club then I’m happy. As long as she has enough energy to pick lavender this weekend, I’m happy. As long as we’re all sleeping well at night I’m even happier.

I’ll post pictures of us picking lavender, and I’m hoping all those seaside going friends of mine will wish they were there too.

So it isn’t all bad.