There’s so much conflicting information out there. H has been getting a bit of a temperature at night, but then being fine during the day – until today. She had a quick visit to nursery this morning for their open day, but then as the morning progressed, she got warmer until we decided things weren’t quite right.

Her skin on one side had a bit of a rash – nothing major, but a rash. So me being the internet era mum, I went to check various things. Nursery had a sign up about Hand, Foot and Mouth, so that was my first stop. You can have a temperature and possibly no rash, so it was a possibility. But a lot of the symptoms didn’t really fit.

A later google, and (I can’t remember where) I was being told she had measles (!!!!!) but I know she’s vaccinated against it, so it can’t be, surely? I removed one of the symptoms and ended up at Slapped Cheek Syndrome – this felt a bit closer. Bonus, not excluded from nursery either, if they’re well.

H then spent most of the afternoon cuddling up to me, we watched Dora’s Halloween Special (I’m starting to get Dora more now!) and the Bubble Guppies Halloween Special too… but her temperatures were still up, occasionally just over 40 (and we’ll take it again in a short while and through the night). Her red cheeks had cooled right down (probably as we had all the windows open) and she looked normal, but was really clingy and cuddly, despite telling us she was okay.

She’s refused food, though as I’m still feeding her, she’s got liquid that way (and hopefully it’s helping), and all her nappies have been nice and heavy too, so fluids are fine. I guess it’ll pass when it does, I just wish I knew what it was! She’s been having really long feeds too, we’re talking 10-15 minutes – it’s not been like that since she was a baby.. bring out the Lansinoh…

She settled for sleep in five minutes, poor girl was shattered. Of course, the clocks change tonight. I can never remember which, but I suspect this means potentially at our 4am she’ll be waking us up to come into bed with us, and it’ll be 10pm or something. Okay, slight exaggeration.. my mind is frazzled and being coherent is hard. We’re in for a fun night… I suspect we wont make it to The Baby Show tomorrow… (though you never know with a good nights sleep)

I might even work out exactly what’s wrong with her… maybe it’s just a nasty cold?