Okay, so we had Wimbledon all of a month or so ago. Now they’re all playing each other again a month later. I’m confused. Yes, it’s the Olympics and it’s big and all that, but twice in a row in the same place? That seems a bit odd. Then again, they all play each other all over the world don’t they. I guess it’s just being in the same place for two big tournaments so close together.

Then there’s another thing. As my friend Tessa pointed out today, if you’re a swimmer you get loads of medals. 50m, 100m, 200m, and so on – so actually while it’s great Michael Phelps has all these medals, it’s probably been a bit easier to get that kind of amount due to him being a swimmer.

At least I can cheer on Team GB in the football – a rarity as it never really occurs, so that’s something different – which at least makes it different to the Euros or even the World Cup before it. But that’s probably the only thing I can think of – that and the prominence (ie, not tucked away somewhere so everyone can forget) of the Womens Football too. So there’s good things, but yes. I am thinking about it all too much, probably.

As Greg at work said, if you were earning around a million or so pounds per tournament (or maybe it’s game), then wouldn’t you keep doing it? I guess so…. t’would be nice…