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I like to think I’m a good soul, and will happily lend things out to friends when I’m not using them so they can. May as well, as otherwise they’d just be gathering dust at home and I’d rather something was put to good use than left until it’s needed.

That was until this last week or so. My right hand feels so tender right now – I’ve got mild RSI – enough for it to mildly hurt all day and be uncomfortable before it goes into agony mode, which it would do if it wasn’t for my trusty Powerball.

My old pal Rich in the US recommended them ages ago – and a friend also had one and showed me all the good points about it – mainly that it’s good for RSI which considering the amount of computer work I do and the pain I get from it, that I needed one.

Also, there are crazy people worldwide who do Powerball championships like this dude. (n.b. my husband and someone we once knew may have had a crazy competitive afternoon doing something like this too)

I don’t take it that seriously – but oh, the relief. If you spin the ball and hold your hand up in the air it can be quite a nice little workout – you can feel your muscles and in a good way.

So yes, I love my Powerball. I’ve had it for a good 6-7 years now, and it’s still looking as good as new.

So, last night. I went to look for it and it was GONE, nowhere to be found. I whimpered a lot pathetically as my wrist and fingers were starting to hurt a bit. I suggested Shaun looked for it as he always finds things I’ve lost – he wasn’t playing.

Eventually tonight I went to have one last proper look – and jubilations! I found it! My wrist is slowly getting less sore and clicking back into place. Have I mentioned how much I love my Powerball?

So now to find the old exercise ball which I cannot find for the life of me, but I know I haven’t thrown or given it away. Next time I lend something I’m going to start a little book, if only for my sanity. Oh, and when looking for the Powerball it’s also made me realise just how much junk we have. This coming weekend I intend to fill two black bin bags of things to take to charity shops, as I really do not need these things any more.

Obviously, when I do then need them in six months time I’ll have them logged in the aforementioned book. Maybe.