So, last night. There was a lot going on, wasn’t there? I missed the first five or ten minutes as we were settling H, so only realised it was Kenneth Branagh quite late on.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. I thought that Paul McCartney wasn’t annoying, and I had much wine but it didn’t cloud my judgement.

We recorded it on our V+ Box, so H could watch edited highlights. So now she’s full of pride at being British thanks to Danny Boyle. Reasons?

• The Queen is cool as she went to the Olympics Stadium in a helicopter, and got in with her parachute
• Dizzee Rascal is fun because he has a fun name. (that song will still make me think of Satan from work drumming on Jools Holland every time I hear it)
• As far as H is concerned, the Olympic Rings are great as they have fireworks on them.
• Oooh! Sheep!
• The children had really bouncy beds
• The Arctic Monkeys were a bit loud
• Rowan Atkinson was a bit mean to push over the man and win the race and should keep tissues handy at all times.
• I believe when Paul McCartney sung she said “Who is this lady?”
• H loves Queen Elizabeth

That’s all that I remember. We skipped the children’s book section (I figured Voldemort scaring everyone might be too much for her, and she hasn’t seen Mary Poppins yet so that might scare her too), and fast forwarded through the countries bar Team GB and Australia (got to show both her nationalities there), until we got to the torch. She was quite impressed that a football man (Beckham) and a football lady (argh, can’t remember her name) had the flame, and liked the last lighting of the torch – even though our recording cut out at that point.

This has led to us watching sport on tv today. There’s been no complaining or requests to watch Peppa Pig as she’s bored – she’s really taking it all in.

Actually, what made it for me last night was a massive night of Twitter which is most unlike me. I found (via Rachel) this, which cracked me up continuously. The book is now on my Amazon wishlist. One day it will be mine….