H may have conjunctivitis. I realise this isn’t the most apt post to start a blog which goes on about stuff, but that’s what’s happening right now. Anyway, I phoned St Helier, and spoke to the midwives there, who suggest boiling some hot water, allowing it to cool, and then bathing each eye, and see how that goes.

Alternatively, I can get some breast milk, and dab it in each eye – which feels so wrong. Yet may fix it.

Obviously, I’m going for the latter. I’ll report back, when done.

In other news, we got around 3 hours sleep last night, maybe more. It took a long time to settle H, no amount of milk seemed to work, so we went back to one bottle of formula, which did the trick again. This is despite me managing to express 20ml of what shall now be called “Mummy’s First Aid Stuff” or something. Still, we all napped until around 9.30, which is a first. I’ve just had a two hour afternoon nap, and it’s felt like the shortest bit of time in the world, ever.

Visitor-wise, I want you all to visit, but right now I’m still recovering from my major op – I’m reading all emails, but replying is the difficult bit. I will reply, I promise, but it may take some time. It’s true what they say, a baby eats into the hours of the day, and you don’t realise just how much – not that I’m complaining – I wouldn’t change a thing.

So I figured rather than doing 20 plus emails, I’ll do bits here, so you know we’re all getting on okay. Having said that, Shaun is changing her nappy, and right now, the way she’s crying, you’d think he was pulling off each individual finger and toenail, with pliers. She’s loving her blanket Jo C knitted for her (forever fondly known as the “rasta blanket”), and has had a good chunk of the afternoon sat outside (while I napped) with Shaun, getting some fresh air.