Why does she throw herself off the chair head first? (seriously, is that fun or something?!)

Why does she sometimes put her jeans on back to front? (how is that even possible?)

How does she know entire episodes of Peppa Pig off by heart? (I blame Shaun)

Why did she suddenly decide to like green peppers after all this time? (this baffles me, though they have been well disguised)

When will she realise doing something good like tidying up for 5p doesn’t get a rise in accordance with national inflation?

Why did she think Barbara was a boy’s name?

Why is she now better at football than me? (to be fair, I’ve never played or had lessons)

Why when we have soup for tea does she put all her bread in the soup then decide she’s full? (so I can’t have more 0 points soup)

Why does she rub her recorder on her foot and then put it in her mouth? Sigh. Have I taught her nothing about smelly socks? Double sigh.

She’s still my whole world though. Obviously.