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is now two years old. So this means the following:

1. she can drink semi-skimmed milk
2. she’ll be moving up a room at nursery
3. nursery fees will get cheaper
4. all of a sudden if we go to certain places we’ll have to pay for her to get in (boo!)

At swimming this morning she was actively asking me to let go of her so she could try and swim on her own (with armbands) – she’s doing really well – and can float and kick and keep her head above water extremely well – and even better, she finds it hilarious that she can.

The Wiggles are doing a 20 year anniversary show which is showing at cinemas next Monday. I am really tempted to take H – it’s only an hour long and I think she’d cope with it – plus she likes The Wiggles… it could be a good way to break her in to going to the cinema… on the other hand it could be complete chaos!

I’ve been sent a BundleBean to review which we’ll be using when we drive back to York this weekend (as it looks like it’ll tuck into our car seat perfectly!) – it looks fantastic and really snug too…

I’d write more, but I think she’s just woken up from her midday nap.