we swapped sides in bed, so I was away from the moses basket, in an attempt to try and get more sleep. It didn’t really work though – every little squeak and I was awake, checking she was okay. This also meant Shaun got less sleep. He seems to cope with it better…

Still, things weren’t so bad last night – they weren’t great either, but they weren’t so bad.

Today I’m finally getting my hair cut, which actually hasn’t been touched (bar my bad attempts at keeping my fringe straight) since last October or November time. Nice and short too – in that “dries in 20 seconds” type style I’ll probably need for the forseeable future… then I’m meeting some NCT pals at our local excellent coffee place – which is usually full of mums, too.

Did a BMI calculator last night – I’m now just overweight!! Marvellous!!! Bless you GD!