Shaun has his (hopefully) final exam on Tuesday. The journey has been a long one – a way too long one and much longer than we expected. By August we’ll know either way. For the last however many years he’s had two sets of exams a year; on one occasion we even went to Australia in early December so he switched and took them there instead. That was interesting… so yes, the end is in sight.

In retrospect he should have done one subject at a time – it would probably have taken the same amount of time, and maybe it would have freed up a bit of time to do fun things. Who knows though? You can’t change the past.

So yes, in two days we can start to do family things again and be a social family again, and I can’t wait.

Also, it has to be said, I admire anyone greatly who can take up study again at a later age and get through it successfully. I know I could never study again – I can learn about things I’m interested in, but studying? I’m not disciplined enough.

Holy moly. So I’ve had all this ‘me’ time to blog and build websites for fun, and it’s all set to (potentially) stop. What happens next?!