Oh lordy. I’ve been so good, I really have, but tonight I nearly lost it with a stranger. For the record, I had a good day at work, I just really wanted to intervene, but I didn’t because I’m also not one of those people who loves to stick her nose into other people’s business.

A lady got on my train home from work tonight with her toddler. She was telling him how cheeky he was with his “chocolatey face” which was nice and sweet, she then went to give him some milk in a bottle and spilt the milk everywhere.

“Oh look!” she said out loud to her son “Mummy’s being a retard again!” (I cringed, really you don’t say words like that in front of your kids)

Then she phoned up her partner and spent the rest of the train journey talking to him on the phone (loudly) while her child was bored, throwing things to get attention, while she went on at her husband how much she wants a nanny as she’s “bored of childcare”.

Her toddler continued to throw things out of the buggy. To placate him she handed him a chocolate bar which quietened him down so she could talk on the phone some more.

“No way will I feed my kid crap like chicken and chips” she said, then followed it with “he’s on his fourth Milky Bar since we left the station” (which would have been approximately ten minutes).

There were lots more comments to her partner about things which I didn’t listen to (I have a great ability to be able to zone out of loud things), while her child sat there saying a few words asking for things. She just waved his toys in his face to distract him and told him how he’d “made her phone all chocolatey”.


I’m trying not to be judgemental here, at all. AT ALL.

But I now feel like I am a good parent. I hate myself for comparing anything to anything, and know that even on a bad day there’s no way I’d use some of the words she used in front of her child. (I dropped the inside of the bread maker on my big toe in front of H which was quite a test)

I’d also never feed my child four Milky Bars in one sitting. I’d be sick eating that many – it’s no wonder he was throwing things.

And yes, I hate that I typed all that up and it’s made me feel better about things. I know I’m not the perfect mum, but I also know I’m not doing that bad a job. I hope if the girl does need help she gets it.