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A short one this time. We’re staying another year, things will be tighter, but it’s the right thing for us right now. At least, I think that’s what’s happening – I’m blogging into the night trying to make a bit of money (let’s call it job #2) – no money is forthcoming just yet though. Shaun is having to work late into the night as H has been unwell (ear infection in both ears). I’m selling things on ebay to make space as we declutter with a possible view to downsizing.

But it’s okay – we got a voting slip yesterday – asking whether or not we want Residents Parking here, a contentious subject as we have H’s school and a college who use our parking spaces, occasionally blocking us residents in.

Except. We can’t vote. Apparently private tenants don’t count. The five years we’ve lived here mean we don’t have a say.

How bizarre. Apparently our landlady can vote though, even though she hasn’t been back here for at least seven years.

Weird logic. At least it isn’t something important! But how bizarre that as long-term residents our opinion doesn’t count.