Ahh my girl, the person I miss the most all day and long to be back with her every night, missing her terribly while I’m at work.

That’s the same little girl who makes me laugh too much, especially when I shouldn’t. Discipline and me need a bit of work, though she’ll never face the kinds of punishment I did (I was often slippered or smacked)

Yesterday at soft play H made friends with two new children, as well as her best friend M. They played chinese whispers, and my friend (in her infinite wisdom) chose H to start.

H whispered to M, who whispered to the other child and on it goes. The final child whispers back to H and we say “ohh! Ho ho! Tell us what she said then!!”

H replies, with deadly straight face “the same thing”

I ask her what that was

“I can’t tell you mummy, it’s a secret”

Eventually I manage to get the information from her. All H’s pals in their little den now know that “mummy has a smelly bum” apparently. No wonder they were laughing at me… good job I can take it..


Later on we had some friends over and I drew the chalk road in our back yard to play ‘roads’ while we still have three scooters. On the road there’s a line to stop when you declare what light the traffic light is, and on the other side there’s a zebra crossing so if someone waits to cross you must stop to let them over the road. I had to laugh – H got SO frustrated (and it was really funny) as her friend J crossed over the zebra crossing about twenty times non-stop with a huge smile on his face – while H got angrier and angrier, more and more frustrated with what was happening, telling tales to me as “he wasn’t playing by the rules” – she’s a stickler for the rules is my girl.

Having said that, she waited to cross the ‘road’ and stepped out in front of him before he had time to stop. She looked really upset after they’d bumped into each other, proper tears streaming down her face. Proper tears of sadness.

I cuddled her and asked her the crucial question, was she crying about J bumping into her because it hurt, or was she crying because he broke the rules? Of course, it was the latter. Like I said, she’s a stickler for the rules is my girl….