Monday came and went – we were sick nervous, as you would be when you’re about to find out the fate of what’s inside your abdomen. Thankfully that went quickly, but alas we couldn’t get a clear picture. We could see little dude wiggling away inside, quite happy with life, wiggling it’s hands and feet around (make the most of it, once you get bigger we’ll be fighting for moving space, just remember that). Off I was sent back to the waiting room to down more water in the hope it would help. Second try, and again, not a clear enough picture. Most annoying, so back I went again to the waiting room, stocking up on more water (the stuff I got from the drinking fountain tasted vile, so I got some from the Early Pregnancy Unit room) – I must have downed almost 2 litres by this point. Eventually on the final call back, we got a clear picture. But oh, baby had enough by this point, and decided it’d rather sleep. Facing us. Which was all quite cute, but even sort of wobbling, prodding and whatever else-ing, he/she wouldn’t move to his side (actually, it’s a “he” this week, I think). We had to give up, as quite frankly, I didn’t want to be sat there waiting for little dude to move around, and I’m sure the nice lady also wanted to see other people. (Sorry NHS)

Fast forward to yesterday, and we were first in, little dude was wriggling around again, we got a nuchal scan done perfectly (I feel this is partly due to Shaun, who had a stern word before we left the house to little dude, telling him that he needs to be facing the right way, as we don’t want to keep having to go back), I’m within the safe limits (though we’ll have more of an idea when my blood tests are back), and we decided to tell everyone as of yesterday. Phew! Definitely a daddy’s boy/girl, anyway.

Of course, because I’m late on, I had to have another blood test. Oh woe. If my arm was a successful pin cushion, I’d still not be used to these things, and much to Shaun and the nurse’s amusement, I pulled the kind of comedy face (once the needle had been taken out, in fact), which they said reminded them both of “the Flintstones” – so we all had a good laugh at me. (me too, though)

Anyway, everyone knows now, I was exhausted last night by the time I stopped for the night, and slept so well, because I guess this stressful part is out of the way now. Little dude is currently low-risk, and I don’t have to go back (bar Friday for my rescheduled booking in) for another 9 weeks, for the next scan.

Oh yes, and while I remember, every single one of my cousins who’ve had a baby, plus my sister have all had boys first. I’m sure while I think I’ll be the same, I’ll probably buck the trend and have a girl. Anyway, just logging that one, as I’m bound to forget (baby brain is not great).