I think my days of thinking I’m a helicopter parent may be over. Yesterday we went to Beanotown in the South Bank for a look at their Christmas range (more about that on Mum Friendly) where we met an illustrator for the comic – Kev F. He did a class with the kids (H may have been the youngest) teaching them how to draw, which was really interesting. He broke it down in such a fascinating way, telling the kids everyone can draw, it’s just how you apply it.

He taught a child to draw Bart Simpson using letters pretty much. He was an excellent teacher – and while I sat with H for a lot of it (we were eating) I stepped back and left her on her own with the other kids – and she didn’t want to leave the lesson. She was engrossed – and sure she might not have been the best at what she was doing but she was trying and listening to his suggestions.

But still, she sat and got on with it. I was able to leave the room and have a quick look in the Beanotown shop – H hadn’t even noticed I’d gone.

That taught me so many things – firstly, she’s going to be fine at school. Secondly – she won’t miss me one bit. It’s me who is going to have the issues. Thirdly, she’ll try things. I do wonder how much being around me means she doesn’t do things or doesn’t try and gives up, whereas when she’s on her own she gets on with it – like being amongst her peers means she just does it rather than think she can’t.

Here’s a photo she took of Dennis the Menace yesterday. She was quite shy about it until Dennis waved to her, then it was like old friends all over again.

Dennis the Menace