I took H to see our Health Visitor, which I found out was now on a Wednesday – and on getting to the clinic found out that it was several HV’s who just take the next on the list. Lucky for us Ina, our regular HV showed up when it was H’s turn. We’ve not been for months now – so it was nice to get her properly weighed and her height done.

Now she’s older she can sit in a chair to be weighed – which she enjoyed doing a lot – and no more naked weighs either – she just had to remove her jeans and shoes. For her weight she was in the 90’s percentile-wise, and for her height (which still has to be done lying down up to the age of 2) she’s over the 100th percentile! She’s 2.5cm taller than the average girl of her age! Which I’m not too worried about, and found quite funny in some ways – she’s got tall parents so it was always going to be that way – she’d been on the 99th percentile for so long back when I got her measured regularly.

We also got her second Bookstart bag – complete with crayons and a drawing pad – our HV warned me, but I let her know H was a true pro when it comes to drawing – she’s holding pens and crayons properly, and is drawing things and saying what they are (as a complete tangent, today at nursery she was drawing lines on paper, and drawing them in the direction they asked her – up, down, and so on – they asked her what she was drawing, and she told them it was a washing line!!!).

Anyway, after almost a year of not going, nice HV said to come back in six months, we chatted about H and school (and how people will think she’s older than she is due to height and all her hair, and because she’s quite confident and sociable) and everything is good.

It’s only when I got home I realised I forgot to tell her I’m still breastfeeding H. I think she’d have been well proud of me, as it was so tough at the start, but now it’s much much easier…