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Last week H got a package in the post – a very lovely package.

One of the books on repeat is Martha and the Bunny Brothers ‘I Heart School’ – which we’ve reviewed over here.

Clara Vulliamy Happy Bunny Club
If you go to Clara Vulliamy’s website you too can join the Happy Bunny Club – and you know what? It’s lovely! You get a card (handwritten), a badge, a chocolate bunny, a certificate which you can put a picture of your little one on, and some stickers – and it’s great!
Clara Vulliamy Happy Bunny ClubH unwrapped hers and grabbed all the cushions from the chair, placing them under the table. “I’m in the Happy Bunny Club” she told me, as she curled up to (pretend to go to) sleep. (I’m still not allowed to read her the book, only daddy – but I’ve had a sneaky read while she was asleep so I know that’s what the Happy Bunny Club do).

It also explains what happened to all my cushions…

Clara Vulliamy Happy Bunny ClubActually, this has also been a marvellous leverage tool when she’s misbehaved – “Would Martha Bunny approve, and let you stay in the Happy Bunny Club?” I may have said when she’s ignored me one too many times – and immediately H pays attention – she’s in a special club which mummy and daddy aren’t, and she knows she has responsibilities!

I love that everything was so beautifully put together – Martha is definitely a favourite, and having a character that H is believing is real is so important – when she found out she had a letter from Martha it made her day! 

Funnily enough, Martha Bunny getting all her things ready for school reminds me a lot of someone who just crossed the 1 metre mark today, who loves to take as many things as possible in her bag when we go out (it takes a lot of persuading to get her to choose just one or two things instead)…!