Rubbish stuff often happens so it’s about time I started The Good Stuff. In no particular order :

1. H’s current swimming teacher is the same lady who taught her when she was a baby. This makes me extremely happy as she’s a fabulous teacher and H wouldn’t be where she is today without her first teacher giving her that initial confidence. I only realised it was the same person today.

2. Because of 1, H swam on her back in the pool without floats today. It’s the first time I’ve seen her do it without any flotation help – and she did amazingly well. I wanted to buy something to reward her and realised that wasn’t such a good idea (relating good things to presents), so bought her some new goggles for swimming instead as her old pair keep breaking.

3. Her reading is coming on amazingly. She’s moved up a book band at school now to more ‘story’ based books. We’re working on expression, have been for a while and she’s really getting how to say a word when an exclamation mark is present. She loves to read and because of that wants to read. She’ll read signs, everything. Whereas before she’d work things out, now she can do it in her head and is getting more and more confident each time.

4. Her favourite grown up programme is The Great British Bake Off. This amuses me no end – we’ll chat about what they’re making and she’s turned into Shaun doing a running commentary of what’s going on, while recreating it in playdoh. The Sport Relief Celebrity Bake Off is on at the moment but past her bedtime so I’m recording them so we can watch the lot over the weekend. She’s pretty excited.

5. At school they have ‘wow’ moments when you send in things they’ve done which are impressive and your child wants to tell the rest of the class. H has made a lego building on her own without any help or guidance (to be fair, she’s done it a few times now). That and she read a joke in her Christmas Cracker.

6. Music. Things are progressing. Current favourites are Robbie Williams ‘Candy’, Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ and alas, the new James Blunt single. This is all down to her own choosing while listening to the radio. Whenever she hears a song she likes she demands it on her iPad. I told her the James Blunt single was one “mummy and daddy didn’t know” so I think we’re off the hook for now.