I’m proud of myself for training during pregnancy to stop swearing. Shaun is not quite as good as me, in fact, we may as well call him Mr Potty Mouth.

Our neighbours have a carpet shampoo machine which we’re going to borrow (that glitter and paint won’t get off the carpet on its own), and we thought about doing it on Sunday while H and I were at the Harvest Festival Parade, as it was a sunny day and we’d be out of the way.

But then our lovely neighbours went out.

“oh bugger! they’ve gone out for the day I bet!” said Shaun.

Now okay, bugger isn’t the worst word (we usually get those when he’s driving, he’s terrible)

“Oh WHAT daddy?” I said, trying to make him realise what he was saying quite clearly in front of H

“Bugger, Mummy, Bugger” replied H.

Her first swear word at six years and a month. Sigh.