So we were sat in the pub last night, swapping child-based anecdotes about things they have been saying, things that have happened and so on. I had several, as H is very funny, often unintentionally.

One of my friends piped up “oh, you should keep a log of this” and I thought angrily “but I DO… this place” then realised the posts tend to be long, waffly ones. Which are fine, but the funny things haven’t made much of an appearance lately. So here’s a few.

H and all her friends at school seem to throw their arms around each other while saying “maaamaaaaa” like a baby. I find this odd, but hey ho, that’s six year old’s for you (I am convinced six year old’s are strange). One night H sighed “oh I’m so fed up of M saying “maaamaaaa” to me all the time. It’s REALLY irritating”, with a little eye roll to finish off the sentence.

I pointed out that I’ve seen her doing it to M after school most nights, so errr, what exactly was going on? “Oh, she finds it annoying when I do it too!” she brightly replied.

See. Six year olds are weird.