It’s starting to hit home – a year from now we’ll be in a completely different kind of routine. H will be at school, having turned four a week before. My little August baby.


I guess I’ll be back at work five days a week, spreading my hours out over that time, while either putting H in the breakfast club (oh if there was ever a chance to reference the movie there’s one) or an after school club, so actually I may resent the fact I’m getting less time with her.

I hate thinking about all this so far up front. THEN there’s issues like what if we can’t get her in any clubs before or after school? I’m sure we will, but you know, what if?

We’ve had her times for settling into the next room at nursery – the preschool room. She’ll finally be joining her old friends again from next week for a few hours a day. She’s very excited about it, and tells us they have “bigger cars” in there which is very important. So what’s the difference with her being at nursery from 7.30 until 5.30 every day, versus clubs after school?

Where do you actually start with all this? I’m not anxious or worried, and can’t do anything until next April when we’ll find out which school she gets (hopefully the one over the road or there’s something seriously wrong), but hopefully by then there’ll be some kind of plan ready on the back of that.

God, I hate all this!