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God I love H’s nursery sometimes. I get minimal time to look at other things on my days at work (unless I take my half hour lunch break at my desk and check the internet properly), but did manage to google funky eyepatches – where I read some people collect the patches and make a cool picture with it – and H’s key worker in her room has suggested this which I think is a brilliant idea.

I just need some inspiration now – and I’m not sure where to start. The patches are blue, yellow, green and red and I initially thought of peacocks, but they’re bad luck (Eileen told me so), so maybe a butterfly… there’s got to be something out there which works.

H is having a bit of a reaction to the adhesive around the patch, leaving her with a red mark around her eye – though the way she’s going right now (we had it on for an hour yesterday, then we got home and she put it on herself after swimming, mainly to show it off to Jos who popped over) she may be able to have some eyepatch free time over the weekend which would be fantastic.

Our only advice for the rash is to keep it moisturised, so I’ve got fresh E45 in the hope it helps…. she’s on the hypo allergenic patches as it is.

She wore the patch without any issues today, which I think is utterly brilliant – she’s doing me proud, so very very proud. She’s not fighting it and is getting on with it. We’ve been told she wont need an operation for her eye which is good, although I’m not sure how much her eye has improved since the last check.

Still, things feel really positive right now.

Pirate Eyepatch