The plumber came to fix our water this morning, “hurrah!” we exclaimed dreaming of the elusive hot bath you always want when you can’t have. It wasn’t to be, as the water didn’t heat up. Fortunately plumber man came back and realised he’d set some internal thermostat to zero, and fixed it. Voila, water of warm again. Oh how I missed thee.

So we headed out to the Vue on Purley Way in Croydon as while it’s been nice to be at home, just the three of us for the longest time ever (probably since H was born, or since we went on holiday last year), it’s nice to get out and with us not buying travelcards for two weeks we’re also saving something like £100 a week, so treats are do-able.

Good job really, as two adult tickets plus one child one still came in around £25. Gulp.

Anyway, we saw the Tinker Bell film (not Tinkerbell). I need to find out why she has two names these days, but anyway it was charming, H stayed fairly transfixed to it (and the popcorn) and was really well behaved. The trailers beforehand worried her a bit (Yeah, well done, Monsters Inc 3D. You couldn’t make it up… she recoiled to the back of her seat when that appeared. Argh.) but actually the funniest bit (for me) was when the silent adverts went off and the programmes kicked in – there was a loud kind of BOOOOMMMMMM! Which if you’re not three is nothing, but if you’re three you jump in your seat and go “AAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!” really loudly which was kind of funny in a sort of I-shouldn’t-laugh-at-this way while comforting H and feeling bad for laughing. It was a bit too loud though.

But it was funny. Sorry H.

(It reminds me of being at school in Mrs Woodmancey’s class when she told us about going to see Jaws with her husband, on one attack she was the only one in the cinema to scream, and it was loud too and she felt terribly embarrassed, and yes, that was pretty funny too 34 years ago)

Anyway, Shaun apparently fell asleep, I watched the lot while keeping an eye on H (she was laughing through the film and only flinched at the animals that came onto the screen). Now I’m trying to think of something to do next… bowling, maybe? That will appeal to her competitive nature… ha.