I forget how quickly H grows. I sent her to nursery in a long sleeved top, and a spare in her bag – went to pick her up and the spare was like some 1980’s bad crop top gone wrong… bad mummy. So out of necessity (ie, I’ve not been out because of my sciatica for a long long long time) we got the train to Sutton and did a couple of hours getting “stuff”. Looooads of long sleeved tops, and thankfully Peacocks had some good ones. Boots had some nice long dresses with 25-50% off the original price too – as a mum I’ve found I’ll stock up for the next year in the sales, which means less to think about… although I messed up with coats last season… I’m getting better at it though.

I don’t know what it is, but why don’t shops ever design buggy-friendly baskets? I spent a few minutes trying to disentangle the basket from the handlebars of the buggy (I decided not to do a wheely one this time), it shouldn’t be that difficult, should it? The simple solution to this is to place everything you want to buy on that handy crease that is created once you push up the hood of your buggy. The downside of this very simple solution? When your toddler just wants to randomly pull it back down, so everything falls off anyway. I do remember shopping in Sainsburys once when H was very very little, and balancing the basket on the hood. Ha. Yes, when it got overloaded and almost fell on H, did I feel like the Worst Parent Ever? Indeed.

Then of course there’s that slight guilt trip you might have (especially if you’re me) when you’re piling all these things you intend to buy into the least discreet place ever, and the store detectives then have you in their sight – “mum with buggy, are you going to STEAL?” they pretty much don’t say as they follow you around the shop. (insert slightly exasperated sigh here)

I have a friend with a child who wouldn’t sleep, so she’d be the first person outside her local department store in Clapham Junction, pushing her daughter around (I do believe she said her child basically just did not sleep at all apart from then), zombiefied to the world, as she was not-too-subtley followed by the in-store detective. She had to point out to him she went in there every day, and could he stop following her, as it was getting a bit embarrassing… I know they’re only doing their job.. but still.

Anyway, we had progress today. H didn’t try to pull every single item of clothing off the racks like she has done on previous occasions (probably due to boredom) – though it’s usually Primark (what is it with shops and their non-buggy-friendly aisles? M&S Sutton I am also looking at YOU.) and we didn’t go in there today… but still, progress. Oh, and she only took off one shoe seven times, and the other one once. The seven times shoe only fell on the floor once thankfully… I explained that if she lost that shoe, she’d have to hop around until she grew into her next pair, so she’d better not lose them any more, but now I think I’ve planted a seed. She does like to dance to ‘hop little rabbit, hop hop hop’…