Carshalton’s Christmas lights were switched on tonight, though we missed them. We got there though, and stood around. There was free mulled wine and gingerbread shapes for kids, raffles and competitions (that always appeals) and more mulled wine – the warm of the wine and the cold of the air made a great combination, although not so good for H.

We’ve a new shop called Jude Jewellery next to the wool shop, and while I’m not a jewellery person, they had a knitted hood type thing which is exactly what I need with my warm winter coat, to keep my throat nice and warm. So I bought one of those, I am nothing but not girly.

Or just not girly.

A Mickey Mouse balloon was bought for H, and we slowly wandered home in the cold. The ponds are frozen, the cold weather is here. We have three Christmas Fayre’s tomorrow and on Sunday I hibernate again, with a pile of DVDs to keep me company (I hope).

Most importantly of all, I’ll have a warm head.