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Okay, this has to be in brief as I don’t have the time to even upload the photos, but will do reviews of the good places one day :

Friday – Lyn and Melissa arrived from Gatwick in time to catch H at bathtime.

Saturday – we had our first 3rd birthday party of August at Sutton Arena, so headed there – it was a hot day too, and a fun party although H cried a couple of times. Got back and popped to the neighbours as they’re adopting a boy and girl and wanted a social with everyone which was nice.

Sunday – Kew Gardens, lots of walking and lovely weather too. It feels like a billion years ago.

Monday – Claremont Landscape Gardens for a picnic in the sun – again, feels like forever ago

Tuesday – The London Eye, a wander around South Bank and their huge rainbow sandpit (and lego world)

Wednesday – drove down to Lyndhurst in preparation for Thursday, wandered around and drove down to Milford on Sea and got the fear of the castle on the end of the sandbank like thing (this is my irrational fear of deep water)

Thursday – Peppa Pig World/Paulton’s Park It was excellent, H went on her first rollercoaster. I nearly cried. It was ace.

Friday – recovered, made some birthday cakes and prepared for the party trying to make playlists and party tunes for 3 year olds.

Saturday – We had to drive to Crawley to pick up a hire car for Monday, as Shaun realised most hire places close at midday and nobody had what we needed. Thank god Gatwick isn’t too far away… H’s friend C’s 3rd birthday party in their back garden. They hired a bouncy castle and gave us some baguettes that didn’t get used as we needed some the following day for…..

Sunday – H’s 3rd birthday party. Mum came down from York for the day on the train, my sister was already down as of the previous day, so H met both her nanna’s at the same time for the first time in her life. The party went well, only a few minor incidents and everyone seemed happy, so that makes me happy. We now have a gazillion ThankYou cards to write. I’m not entirely sure when they’ll be done.

Monday – drove to Pwllheli, North Wales. It’s very different – but then I was last at the holiday camp around 1980 so you’d hope it would be. I love North Wales. We stayed at the Haven Hafan Y Mor, and swapped accommodation after finding a dehumidifier in our lounge due to an earlier leak, and the noisy people upstairs. We got a lovely new caravan like the one we had at Devon Cliffs which was right next to the evening’s entertainment instead. They really could use some soundproofing there…

Tuesday – Shaun’s birthday – went to Conwy and Caernarvon castles, as well as Llanfairpwyllgwyngllgogerychwyryndrobwlllantysiliogogogoch (which I’ve spelt off the top of my head so I apologise if wrong) which is very touristy these days and not like it was in the late seventies (bought Shaun a mug, this is so far the sum total of my birthday presents for him and I am ASHAMED). We stopped for our evening meal in Beddgelert where I thought Gelert had a little cottage, but I’m actually getting it mixed up with The Ugly House in Betws-y-coed which we didn’t see.

Wednesday – Portmeirion. It felt more like it did in the seventies again – I spotted painted in windows and things which kept it mysterious. My chances of doing a ‘Dear Photograph’ gone as the half boat my sister is pictured in back then is long gone, thanks to probably rotting – plus I didn’t get a print of the photo anyway. H managed to get her head stuck in the railings of the stone boat.

Thursday – H’s birthday. My baby is 3. I woke up at 6.45am, a minute before she was born. Weird, that. We drove around Pwllheli with no direction to what we were doing until we gave up and went on the Blaenau Ffestiniog railway from Porthmadog, another childhood memory revisited. I got cross in Blaenau Ffestiniog and stormed off in a really silly way. Bought H a t-shirt of a Welsh cartoon character whose name sounds like Kew called Cyw who looks rather cute

Friday – came home. Took all day. Lost the will to live. Stopped in Powis Castle on the way home which was quite lovely.

Saturday – Shaun took back the car, I stopped everything and relaxed all day with H playing games and opening the rest of her presents.

Sunday – went to our local model railway run by enthusiasts, it was pretty ace.

Monday – Bank Holiday, we went to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs, followed by the Diana Memorial Park which was rather fab too.

Tuesday – the in-laws left and I went back to work.

Wednesday – H’s haircut in Bigoodi in the morning, Dora Live in London in the afternoon. Food at Wagamama in the evening, and bed after midnight due to forgetting it was the Paralympics opening and I knew three people performing (and spotted none of them).