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Saturday came by again, way too quickly. It felt like yesterday when of course it was seven days ago. Short weeks at work mess things up a bit like that. Add a day off for my birthday and it was a very short week; just three days.

As it was we’d been invited to two parties, the first of which was on Saturday. We arrived at the party venue to find another couple waiting outside, the venue deserted. Fortunately I had my invite and we got in touch with the hosts – it had been cancelled, and we were the two who didn’t get told. It was okay though, the sun was shining, the park was nearby and all the drain channels are still overflowed so Carshalton still has it’s mini water features that haven’t been seen for years.

Dandelion Clock

So we headed to Carshalton Park, and the play area there. Beka was there too with her girls, H and M hit it off straight away, playing together and plans were made for future meet ups. H continued to play and Jo from work appeared with her boyfriend, so we all had a little chat while H got over her shyness. The thing I like about bumping into people I know is that you find out things you never knew existed – for example, a lot of the trees in Carshalton Park have little doors on them. Apparently, the not-so-nice story is due to arsonists the trees had to be protected as they’re hollow inside so doors were put on them, but for a four year old they’re the front door to a tree troll’s house, which H was a little troubled about, but still knocked on there.

Carshalton Park

At the top of the hill you can look down into Carshalton – and see all the way to The Shard, or Crystal Palace in the other direction. It was the perfect weather for views and play and discovering things, I do like it when that happens.

Carshalton Park

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