Went to ExCel today for the above mentioned show – while it’s still early days for us, I wanted ideas. I’d asked for advice in several places, and one was “get there early” – let me say, 11am is not early (and couldn’t be helped), so we prettty much got to look at one pushchair, and then everyone else was crowding around. Still, there’s plenty of other places we can do that, thankfully.

The helpful side of things was being able to do research on reusable nappies, which is something I want to do. Although when the nappy demonstration woman told me that 20 nappies would last me two days, there was a huge “gulp” type noise came from inside me. I hate changing nappies. Oh I’m going to be a fun mum.

One of the things I’m finding out more and more about being a mum-to-be is that people love to give you stuff – samples of stuff, that is. Although I could have come away with more, I’m sure (we only paid for two hours parking, which came in at six pounds – this baby and parking lark is expensive you know), and could have easily done another hour there (probably me sitting at a juice bar and eating an energy snack, to be honest), but we did come away with some decent samples, and I’ve got good ideas about nappies and errr… actually, I think that’s about it. It’s all quite overwhelming just how much is there – but like the midwife we chatted to said, a lot of it really isn’t relevant – people are just there to sell. It’s just we weren’t ready to buy (though that doesn’t mean that in November, or even in Birmingham in May, we wouldn’t go there and buy something – as we could if there was something that would be worth going for). Which is also a good thing.

Anyway, I came away with two new cotton type bags (one for nappies, one for the NHS), several samples of washing powder (Fairy, PErsil and something else), some Nivea samples, two breast pads (I’d never seen them before. They’re ENORMOUS), several sachets of “stuff” and more “stuff” and a ton of leaflets about every stand I liked the look of. Oh! And one thing I wish I’d bought, but again, it’s too early, was a neat little setup for reusable wipes. It was a neat little way of doing it, and I fell for it – so I may well get those nearer the time (or November). The Mothercare woman dodged my questions when I asked her about car seats and their buggy I like (so now I’m not sure), and one reusable nappy man who did a demonstration looked so bored he didn’t even give us eye contact (so stuff him!). However, a nice natural oils and potions stand (Brownearth), had the man’s young son helping us smell things, and oh, they all smelt so good, so I bought an exfoliating soap for a fiver (cheaper than Lush) because I liked how they sold things, so they made me want to buy things. The baby bumpband stand also got my business thanks to the woman there letting me try on the larger size, and then telling me she thought I actually needed the smaller one (!!!!!!) – I didn’t though, as it’s early days, but at least I’ve two bumpbands now – one to wear, one to wash for the summer…. oh, and a subscription to a magazine so I got £30 worth of bottles. And two dummies. I’m still not sure about dummies. I never had one when I was a baby…

Anyway, it’s been a long day. Now I’m tired, and ready to sleep for most of the evening. Let’s just hope that last nights dream doesn’t repeat itself. I got married to David Sitek from TV On The Radio. I’ve no idea why, but in my dream we were so in love. We also entered The Amazing Race, and I couldn’t spell Caernarfon properly, to put in a crossword style puzzle and win the overall race. The fact I don’t find him attractive one bit is absolutely everything to do with it.