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We’ve had achievements this week. H said her Rainbows promise on Monday, which she was really nervous about, but did marvellously well with.


On Wednesday she got her Stage 2 in swimming and can move into the yellow hat group – except our local centre has no space in those classes. Our pool is currently shared with Cheam, and they do have space, so I’m wondering if we should switch for now and move back to ours when they’re set to move back. It’s the same pool, after all.

Then we had parents evening tonight. I think I suffer from the same self-esteem issues with my child’s abilities as I do with myself. This is not a good thing. H is doing SO well. She’s already hit two targets as far as to the end of Year 1 goes which is amazing – I keep thinking maybe they’ve got the wrong child! But she does enjoy learning, and that’s half of the battle. I couldn’t quite believe my girl was doing so well, yet I was so proud of her at the same time. She’s going to be assessed next term to see whether she’s ready to be a free reader – which to me is huge – she’s the youngest in the year and I had no idea how much she would enjoy reading. ┬áThen it’s about answering questions and expressing an opinion on the characters which will be good – to see how much she is taking in from the story.

Given she loves her ‘Shrinking Violet Absolutely Loves Ancient Egypt’ book and has already read it three times cover to cover (it’s a paperback suitable for 8+) and tells me things that happen in the story, I can’t see that being a major issue.

It does make me feel like we need an overhaul of her bookshelves though, the younger reader books bagged up and dished out to friends who would use them more than we do now.

Tomorrow I’m taking her to the new Smiggle store near work to buy something nice to celebrate a good week. She’s pretty excited about it too – we went to one of their stores in Australia over the summer.

I’ve booked Christmas at Kew tickets for us all, which looks wonderful – I’m really looking forward to it. Now to get some Disney on Ice tickets for next April which are proving really difficult to get. Uuuh.