It was a lovely day. I felt quite odd about it – we don’t have any traditions, nor does Shaun so we just went ahead and opened presents,  I didn’t torment H, she was over the moon with everything (almost – Santa was called ‘silly’ for getting her something she hadn’t asked for, but she still played with it), I got a couple of nice things so wasn’t overloaded with stuff, and we all ate plenty.

Later on we had a visit from friends, so we drank more wine, scoffed more biscuits and cake and had a good natter.

We watched Christmas TV. The Snowman, The Snowman and the Snowdog went down well. Tangled – terrified her. Shrek – she wasn’t sure about. Peppa Pig when she goes to the Aquarium – had her in tears *. Christmas Top of the Pops – the dreadful Florence Shouting Woman and her Machine “this is awful mummy, why is she shouting? please turn it off” to Girls Aloud “ahh, that’s better. Oh no, SHE SHOUTED THIS IS HORRIBLE TOO” although she did seem to find Gangnam Style appealing… contrary Ms Three Year Old.

I saw a teeny tiny bit of Eastenders which reminded me why I stopped watching it, people are weird if they choose to be entertained by such misery! We skipped on the Royle Family after the last disappointment, though watched the Christmas Outnumbered – the kids are ALL GROWN UP. People at work have seen the furniture being moved from the Outnumbered house (it’s round the corner from the offices) so it looks like that may well be it. It didn’t go out on a high, but it was still worthy of a few laughs.

Other than that we’ve played games, been on the computer looking at things or just relaxing and enjoying being with each other. After a week off work (and I go back a week today, sob!) I seem to cope fine on less sleep, where H copes better on more (she does a comfortable 12 hours so we need to adjust things somewhere, though I’m not entirely sure where). Shaun just likes to sleep as much as he can anyway, he’s a chair sleeper (as in, he can – I never can unless I’m really tired).

So yeah, it’s been pretty good. Well, apart from when the immersion heater stopped working and kept tripping the circuit out. Fortunately we have heating, an electric shower and a dishwasher (and a kettle) so it hasn’t been too bad. Someone should be fixing it tomorrow, the joys of renting there, waiting for someone else to do it after being granted permission rather than just doing it yourself.

* unusual. More than once too.