I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful for a tv programme. I’ve not watched it in years, but it’s helped as far as parenting H goes.

As she’s grown more cross and quick tempered about things, we’ve brought in the three warnings then ‘time out mat’, which works amazingly well 99% of the time – she’ll stop and think and tell you why she’s cross (though still occasionally plays up at mealtimes), and now we’ve drifted into nighttime wakings which involve her getting out of bed and coming into our room to ‘get into bed with mummy’ as she loves it.

Last night they started at 3.10am; you hear a thud, patpatpatpatpat and she’s in the doorway. I cuddled her, put her back into bed and watched her drift back off to sleep again. 3.25am and another THUD, patpatpatpatpat and she’s back in the doorway. Another cuddle, a “night night” and put her back to bed again.

By this point though, you don’t want to go back to sleep, but you do kind of drift off, the slightest noise, a car door, anything, maybe being H waking up again. 3.45am, and we’re into 20 minute gaps now, oh hurrah – just enough time to fall asleep again and wake up again… But this time no talk, just untuck her sheets and put her into bed again, tuck her in, no conversation, a stroke of the head and a kiss on the cheek, and sit with her as she drifts off again….

It’s now 4.10. I’m not going to sleep properly now. THUD. Patpatpatpatpat and I get up, I hold her hand, I take her back to bed, I don’t say a word, I tuck her in, she falls asleep straight away and I go back to bed and do the same.

So really, thankyou Supernanny, we’d probably have spoken to her several times telling her, and by not saying anything and just putting her back in bed, she went back to sleep. She wasn’t cold, and I wasn’t cross (just very tired), so fingers crossed it keeps working… now to put it to the bedtime routine (which I’ll be taking over as hubs resumes his study schedule).

Having said all that, Supernanny would probably tell me off for doing this with my sore back. H certainly did this morning, “Mummy, do you have a sore back?” she asked. I replied in the positive. “Go back to bed then please and lie down!” she said in that slightly bossy but good singsong-y voice she has… that told me.