H woke up in the middle of Jedward’s Eurovision Semi-Final performance (fortunately they didn’t need my vote) and screamed solidly for me (despite sitting on my knee at the time, but fast asleep) in a way which seemed to imply she was in pain.

She kicked her legs and actually, it took so long to work it out and calm her down, but I think she may have had cramp. My poor baby. She’s so good at telling us when something is wrong, but if you’re actually fast asleep with evil leg pains for the first time.. oh god.

It felt like about twenty minutes – the reality, probably ten before she was calm and asleep again after a good calf rub.

Tomorrow it’s banana and kiwi everything, and hopefully there’ll be no repeat, I’ve been googling – and that seems to be the obvious solution.

I still feel like I should be shaking, she was out of control and trying to get off my knee – I’m glad I worked out what it was. As she fell back into her deep sleep again she said to me “Mummy, I want to go home now” – she is home, bless her, I just have no idea where she is in her dream.