Actually, truth be told there were probably about fifteen by midnight, but anyway, yesterday was a day full of good.

1. It was our wedding anniversary
2. I was bought chocolate and wine
3. We won on the lottery (only £7, but I’m happy)
4. I’m an auntie again
5. H got a space in the Stage 2 class at swimming at a time which suits us perfectly, with the same teacher – and an orange hat too! She sat cuddling on the step with one of her swimming buddies and it made me sad as they won’t be in the same class any more from next week. Sadface.
6. We went to see The Breeders (our first night out together with no H to come back to since she was born, and Shaun’s first gig in four years)
7. We were able to do this as H was on a sleepover with her best friend (and was on her best behaviour, I’m so proud of her)
8. We went to Soft Play yesterday and another of H’s nursery friends was there (as well as one we were arranging to meet) so us mums had a chat at the side which was nice.
9. We got to hang out with Jos which is always good!
10. I talked us into the aftershow of The Breeders to just chat a bit longer and ended up catching up with loads of people, and having a brilliant chat with the excellent Josephine Wiggs (who I’d been emailing  as I helped them set up their Breedersvideos YouTube channel) – she remembered it was our anniversary which was bloody ace considering I wouldn’t have expected her to at all! The Breeders make me happy.

What can possibly top a day like that? We’ll see… BritMums maybe?