Oh no. I know what’s wrong with H’s front tooth now. The picture of the four of them from almost two weeks ago started the niggle again – her front tooth is becoming more discoloured again – more obviously so.

When she had chicken pox a spot developed in the inside of her mouth. I checked today and it was still there – I wasn’t even thinking straight – why have I not checked before. It’s obvious now – and a google image check confirmed it.

She’s got an abscess.

This means several things. Trips to the dentist. Antibiotics (maybe) or just extraction.

I’ve already told her this could happen. She’s quite excited about meeting the tooth fairy. I’m just sort of sad inside she’ll be the first one in her peer group with a (potential) missing front tooth. That and it will take another 2-3-4 years before the adult ones grow. On the plus side, removal now would mean any abscess won’t create problems for the older tooth – and she’s not in pain. But I know that’s what it is. This is her fourth month of having it, and where it used to look like a blister, it’s now much more solid.

Not happy. My poor baby. Sob.