H has been referred to St Helier to their orthadontics department. They’ll try and ‘clean’ the nerve which is creating the blister (which could pop, but is likely to then re-grow until it gets painful), but the most likely outcome is that she’ll have the tooth extracted. It isn’t an abscess but it is related to the damaged nerve in her tooth – and there’s movement in the tooth too (which makes me think it’ll be taken out).

This will all happen with her having treatment using gas to knock her out. A day in hospital.

I know it’s not life threatening or anything, but my poor baby. All she did was bump her mouth sometime in the past (that we can’t place).

We just have to wait for the letter now. Then we’ll know more… I’m hoping it’ll come after we’ve been on holiday. Poor thing, first her eyes and now her teeth. Not major major things, but big things that can’t be dealt with locally and need hospital time.

That’s all really. We’re okay and not sad. We went to buy her a new bike at Halfords for some retail therapy – and even the 14″ bike could be too small for her… but she’s only three and a half. 16″ ones don’t come with stabilisers, so we’ll muddle along with this one for as long as we can…. we pick it up tomorrow after swimming.

I guess we need to find as many books about going to the dentist and having a tooth removed now.