The day started out well – H stayed in her bed all night, bribed with a sticker and the promise of two Oliver Jeffers books (the other two Boy ones we don’t have) – everything seemed good. Teddy Playgroup was laid in the spare bed in her room, like she was having a sleepover (she’ll be having her first one next month, I’m already planning loads of things to do to tire them out so they don’t chat all night.. hmm).

And so 8am came. I went to wake her up and all was good with the world. We decided to draw some pictures to show what Teddy Playgroup has done, so H started on a picture of the spare bed with Teddy in it (which I still think is amazing, seriously, she’s getting really good at drawing now and I’m forever gobsmacked), then on to a picture of a bus, and finally a picture of her on the tractor climbing frame with teddy. They’re all in the diary to go into nursery tomorrow, and I just need to print out a few photos I’ve taken. Then we’re done.



I do wonder, do all parents go to this amount of fuss? Am I doing too much? I have no idea. We have a folder with a page written by me of the main things we did, a picture by H of the things we did, and then the printouts of the photos (six in total). Then H will have to tell them all tomorrow what they’ve done.


I already know how this will go. Rather than “we went shopping” it’ll be “we sat downstairs on the bus as upstairs was full”. Rather than “we went for a long walk and had a good play” (at Standen) it’ll be “there was a cat stood on the table and we had some drinks”. But then why should I care? This is going to be H telling her friends what she’s done. Photos will help…


So we drove to Standen – it doesn’t take very long as it’s just the other side of East Grinstead, and as we’re National Trust members we get in for free. We parked at almost the same spot we got last time and wandered around – a lot of the grounds were blocked off, being re-planted, There’s enough fresh air and good scenery for us, and it was just what we needed, and we could still get to the play area where there’s a huge canvas stage, though no props this time – just chairs and a hammock – where H insisted we sat and watched her “perform” (except she didn’t and we got cold).

There was a climbing frame play area next to it which she enjoyed playing on (and climbing down the rope ladder).

It was still a good fairly long walk (my pedometer says otherwise) and I felt like we were all suitably tired once we got home, but then