It’s our turn to bring home teddy from nursery, which meant a great excuse to get outside and have a good walk around. We live in Carshalton, a place most people say “where?!” to. However, you can still buy two bedroomed flats up the road in Wallington for £139k, we’re mid-way between Croydon and Sutton and we’re only 20 minutes from Clapham Junction. We’re also slightly confusing being London and Surrey.

We also have lots of parks. My favourite is Carshalton Park, the place our local firework display is held, as well as various fairs through the summer (and of course the carnival). It also has a great kids play area – so what better excuse to go there with teddy? (plus it’s quieter than The Grove over the main road)

There’s a great area called The Grotto – it dates back to eons ago, I think it was one of those things built when people had too much money and wanted fancy things in their home – it’s an underground cavern (not that big actually) – you can no longer get inside, and there’s a dried up stream/canal area which always floods a bit in winter. My favourite time.




The park is small but has everything it needs. What more do you need when you’ve a giant teddy anyway?


swingsWe followed the park with a walk to the supermarket and through the other park, heading home. We crossed the bridge over my favourite bit of the ponds, where there’s a waterfall. You can see the ducks from the pond in the background. I do like living here so much most of the time – you really don’t feel like you’re in London.



I’m now tired and looking forward to a calmer day tomorrow…

This is also the first time I’ve done Country Kids from Combe Mill too!

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