Wow. Well, H’s lesson went extremely well. She managed a whole width of the training pool on her back with just a float – her teacher high-fived her afterwards (and H looked SO proud of herself).

In our class today I realised one of the other mums is from our monthly knitting group – her girl started last week, and it was only when she was waving and saying hello and I kept thinking “it won’t be me…” and hiding around a corner that it clicked. I’m such a dork sometimes.

We had a fun afternoon – meeting three other mums for soft play before swimming, a quick stop at the library after that – I have to say, now we’re beyond the teething problems, having Carshalton Library within the sports complex has us visiting to pick up books weekly (and take old ones back), and having the soft play there is great – H’s friend arrived and she went a little crazy, throwing herself on the floor and showing off – it was all quite random… anything to tire her out a bit is good with me (and she looks pretty exhausted now).

We ended up walking home, stopping at a local cafe on the way, heading to the supermarket for some salad bits and stopping by the ponds to feed the ducks. According to our local pub’s Facebook page, Shane McGowan had popped in there for an interview (not to work with them, to chat with a journo, not sure what he’s doing down here?) – I felt so good about the weather I had almost wanted to pop in for a sneaky half with H, t’wasn’t to be.