Several times at swimming today – and this was without any flotation aids – H pushed away from me, wanting to swim away and swim back on her own. I let her once, and she went under straight away, as expected (tangent : I could never do that throw her in the pool and let her work it out thing some people do, I’m too scared).

Up she came, coughing and spluttering with a “I don’t like that mummy”, being sheepish for a minute or two before she was off again..

We got a couple of jumps where I wasn’t leading her in, and she was doing more of it herself, but she’s still not quite there – it’s a confidence thing. What I don’t get is her confidence to swim in the pool vs jumping in – though the pool is quite high up (and I always check if she can touch the bottom of the pool – she always can); I guess it’s one of those things we’ll work out eventually.

She’s ready to swim on her own, she just can’t do it yet. I love her confidence, I just wish it was consistent and she had the ability to keep it going – or is it me holding her back?