So the broadening of H’s vocabulary has led to her knowing that “Swimming Lessons” are on Wednesdays – once we get to the pool she’s happily chanting “wimming lesson!” – a bit like every time I drive past the Children’s Centre at the end of our road she calls out “messy play!” – and of course the broadening is due to Peppa bloomin Pig.

I wish there was a Peppa Pig episode about days of the week, as we’re working on that one now.

She’s the only one in the pool who wears water wings, a leftover from our previous lessons at the other pool, as all the other kids do without. Freakily, today I realised she can touch the bottom of the pool when we’re in there – her head is just above water, and she’s on her tippiest of tippy toes, but she can do it. Another missed growth spurt there?

She’s quite the contrary mary too – won’t kick when she should, will only splash when she feels like it, and so on.. she’s getting to know the other kids there now – there’s two of a similar age which is nice – I think she’s the eldest. Our lessons are so sedate now… our previous teacher was very outgoing, our current one is quite quiet and with my hearing problems I can’t hear what she says a lot of the time. Fun.

Today she just wanted to “sit down” when we were in the pool (I’m not sure where) and then to “float” (when we’d put the floats back), and when asked nicely to kick “NO mummy” and arched her back. Sighhhhh.

Even more stupidly I set off for the lesson (at 10am) at 9am. For some reason unbeknownst to myself I decided it would be better to set off early. I think I’m losing the plot a bit… next week normal service will be resumed.