Today H had her second swimming lesson at the new pool. I took notes.

26 past – in pool

32 – late child distracts teacher – they really need a helper

32 – H swimming – really happy with this as doing it without help

34 – end of H’s swim

36 – H gets another swim

39 – swim finishes – really pleased again. Notice that child who went before her hasn’t had a second turn yet (am sat with his mum)

41 – they practice lying in pool

45 – another swim (all good)

47 – end of swim

47 – lie on their backs in a star in pool – H remains lying back, I think she enjoyed it

48 – other teacher appears, ready for her next lesson. She goes and talks to lifeguard by main pool (who I’ve noticed is watching the training pool – the main pool is quiet)

51 – doing some kicking and lying on back

53 – kicking across pool

54 – H hasn’t quite got the strength to kick and move – she’s left treading water. She looks frustrated and isn’t moving from the spot. Teacher is guiding two other kids across the pool and has his back to her, so can’t see she’s stuck. She’s not anxious or in difficulty, but she’s not moving. There are three teachers sat down talking. I’m a bit narked they’re not keeping an eye out – I want to shout out and tell him.

56 and 30 seconds – spots H and drags her back across the pool. She looks tired. Still, she can tread water well….

57 – lesson ends. Children wait at side of pool shivering cold.

01 – children are handed back to their parents.

I’m still not sure what I think.