So recently we switched pools for H’s swimming lessons, as her old one was full of classes from another centre, which left no space for her. She went with the other centre’s classes for a few weeks but ten to a class and shivering at the side of the pool didn’t really seem like a good way to spend my money. So we switched to the pool we live practically next door to, paying twice the price but having a maximum of four to a class.

Today was the first end of term. She was awarded a badge, ‘Swim Skills 2’ which was great – she came over to me with it at the start of the lesson, a big beaming smile, full of happy. She’s very motivated by badges and stickers.

Towards the end of her lesson they joined up with the other group, doing a relay game. While H’s team didn’t win, her competitive streak came out – and she did half a length of front crawl without wanting to grab the side – I knew she could do it! She’s been able to do it in the past in our old pool, but this one is a little bit deeper so she lost her confidence a bit – but having her mind on something else has meant she just went for it. I was really proud of her, and her happy beaming face afterwards makes me think she might have been proud of herself too.

And Tired.

Water Skills 2