I’ve moaned, huffed, puffed and moaned a little more to those who choose to listen about H’s new swimming lessons. Every week one of the mums and I sit and we aren’t convinced – or at least, weren’t. Last week was a blip, but this week things are really back on track.

I glanced at the clock as I thought it was probably getting towards the time we’d have to head back downstairs for pickup only to find that we were just half way through the lesson. The class was smaller than usual (just four of them) but their teacher (who we missed terribly last week) was back and all the kids really respond to her.

For the first time ever, H did a swim stroke or two on her own before going under – and she came out of the water with a huge grin on her face. All the children were smiling – in fact, just three weeks ago a new girl started who was terrified to get into the pool – and this week she’s all smiles too.

This week they were desperate to swim and got on with it so quickly – kicking up and down the pool with just floats or a woggle to keep them afloat (and eventually just being held by the teacher).

It was great, it needs to be logged. This is that.