H has had swimming lessons for a few years now, following the ASA awards scheme. She’s got her Duckling 1, 2 and 3 badges, as well as her Stage 1 – so that’s four badges already – in just over three years.

I had one. Granted, it was my 25 metres, but still. One. (I feel deflated!) I did actually go for my 50 metres but I got tired on the way back so hopped up the pool hoping my teacher wouldn’t notice. (she did)

H can swim underwater for short lengths, completely submerged and swimming a kind of doggy paddle type stroke without thinking twice about it. She can swim with a float keeping her face underwater for at least ten seconds too.

I can’t.

She has no fear about jumping in the pool.

I do.

So yeah, I’m calling it now. I can quite easily swim 60+ lengths breaststroke, so overall I am the better swimmer, but she’s got the techniques, the things I missed when I was taught to swim. Going underwater is second nature to her, swimming is fun, she loves getting on with it and is bloody fast too.

(unlike me – I still have the memories of the school swimming gala when I refused to jump in so pushed myself off the side of the pool and came in last about a minute after everyone else)

You know what? I’m so proud of her. A swimming teacher friend of mine showed me an article which says children who learn to swim have better developed skills – they’re being taught to listen and do things at the same time from an early age, so that part of their brain is better developed – all five of their senses are being used at the same time and watching H learn (she picks up everything at the moment) she WANTS to learn more. She’s bloody marvellous, my little girl.

I might not be the greatest swimmer but we have fun – my childhood memory is my dad taking me swimming with my mum watching from the side as she was too scared to get into the water. Funny that.

Have you taken your child to swimming lessons? Or even just to the local pool?