I loved today. It was one of those days where it felt great. A lazy morning until we went swimming, a lesson that went really well (we’re starting to push them through the water more so they start to swim on their own), a play in the park afterwards and a chance to meet four day old M, a sunny drive home and a trip to our local National Trust park, Morden Hall Park for an outdoor picnic and birthday celebration for J who is two today. Add to that J’s mum and dad are moving and that all fell into place today, and yes, it’s been a good day for others too. A very very good day!

The toddlers ran around the open grass finding things to play with, which seemed to revolve around a cut down tree stump they could stand on. That or they all stood waving their arms around doing some kind of crazy toddler dance.

It’s been a really good day. Tomorrow is going to be a really good night too, though a sad one as it’s J’s mum’s leaving do and we’re all going to miss her.

J had an excellent birthday cake, but R forgot to bring a knife – so improvised and used a Strokes CD (and in the background you can see the coolest of bags which is owned by J the birthday boy).