husband is off to college today, on a Sunday. It looks like it’s a good day, I have every intention of going to the gym and doing a few lengths (except I’ve just put some towels in the wash, so I’ll wait for that to finish first), and doing some scanning for work while I’m at it.

I’ve felt so big and fat this weekend. We walked up the road to wander around Wallington and get some food in yesterday, I caught a glimpse of myself in mirrors, and god, the water retention is making me look pregnant already.

Oh joy.

I did have a chai tea yesterday, with it’s minimal caffeine content – and oh, it was good. I’ve not allowed myself any caffeine, and while I’ve not really missed it, as I’ve had the odd decaf coffee, it was nice to feel guilt-free.

Mumsnet is being good at the moment too – I’ve joined the ‘expecting in May’ group, and have definite midwife information now – once you have been seen initially, you won’t get a midwife’s appt until 24 weeks if all is fine. It sounds like you are already in the system at the hospital because you have been there for tests. Give your GP a call and ask for an appt with the midwife, though all (s)he will do at this stage is take all your details, sign your exemption form and request an appt for your 12 week scan. You won’t see her/him again until after your second scan. HTH

Actually, Mumsnet is always good, what am I saying?

I still want to tell everyone, and knowing I’m seven weeks gone today, knowing that normal lives are going on around me, but mine isn’t normal any more… it’s weird.

I’ve spent a lot of time going to gigs, and I’m losing the enthusiasm to go – in some ways it reminds me of my dad as he was dying, you let things go in life as you feel you need to… and I feel like it’s a bit like that… I don’t need to go, I’m tired, and I don’t have that “want” to be there. However, this also means friends are going neglected too, but I’m sure that will all balance out in time… I know I’ll want to again in the future, maybe. Right now, I just want to sleep. Think I’ll have another hour long snooze…