and we’re still all full of snot. But this weekend we’re alive again – H and I went to her school fair for an hour or two yesterday while Shaun stayed at home cleaning the carpets with the Rug Doctor we’ve been sent for review.

H met her headteacher for the first time and I was struck at how quickly she worked out how shy H can be, she bent down to her level and asked her some questions, AND remembered things I’d told her about H the previous meeting we’d had. H spoke back too, though was really quiet – but happy with it. Really impressed too – we’re really looking forward to it now. H met her friend A from nursery on the climbing frame (who said to me “you look a lot like H’s mummy!” – I had to point out I actually was, to be fair we’ve only met once before though) and had a play which was nice – they’re in the same class together.

Afterwards we had a party to attend so we headed off to watch several children go crazy at a soft play area, where I got chatting to some mums from nursery. In just three weeks one of the children will be leaving, and this is where it starts – maybe some of them will never see each other again? Maybe they’ll all meet when they’re eleven and leaving junior school? It sounds like H is leaving at the same time as the majority of their group which is nice – but it all starts in less than three weeks.

It’s glorious sunny weather and here I am inside, typing – stuck on a modem which keeps dropping out and driving me mad – so we’ve finally upgraded to one which was made in 2011 – considering the one we have was from 2006 I think we’ve had a good run. I’ve been resetting our internet connection up to ten times a day so it’s time. Add to that Shaun blasted the back patio and we’ve moved around the front room so H has a play area near her bookcase and everything feels (and looks!) good.

Now to get rid of this stupid snot. I really want to go to York next weekend to meet my new nephew…